Speakers & Personalities 2024
Alpensymposium Conference for Politics, Business, Sport and the Arts, Interlaken, Switzerland

Eugene Chaplin

Personality, documentary filmmaker, festival and museum president

His life is extraordinary, not only because of his famous father. Growing up with seven siblings, an extensive heritage and great responsibility, he also made a name for himself as a documentary filmmaker. He made numerous works about his father and also maintains the famous legacy through the museum ``Chaplins's World``. As a sound engineer, he has worked with The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Queen. He is president of the International Comedy Film Festival and with his famous model/actor daughter Kiera Chaplin he is also at home in today's showbiz world. The Chaplin brand has many aspects and even more stories.


Boris Becker

Tennis legend, coach, tv presenter and entrepreneuer

Tennis icon Boris Becker became the youngest Wimbledon winner of all time at the age of only 17 and is a 6-time Grand Slam singles winner. After his active career, he worked as a television commentator and coach of Novak Djokovic. He is involved in charitable organisations such as the Laureus Sports for Good Foundation. With his charismatic manner and leadership qualities, Becker is also known as an inspirational speaker.

Alpensymposium Conference for Politics, Business, Sport and the Arts, Interlaken, Switzerland

Joschka Fischer

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Germany

Joschka Fischer is considered one of the most popular and globally respected German politicians. That alone is a hallmark of its own. In 1998, he was appointed Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Vice-Chancellor of the Red and Green government. In doing so, Joschka Fischer helped his party, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, to gain more political influence at the federal and European levels. He is an honorary doctor, winner of the Leo Baeck Prize, author, speaker and uses his broad knowledge to talk about Europe today and in global competition as well as all aspects of sustainability.


Zarifa Ghafari

Economist, Human and Women's Rights Activist, Afghanistan

The young economist was born in Kabul. As an intellectual, enlightened woman and courageous civil activist, she is devoted to her country and people. She is the founder of the Afghan Women Development and Help Foundation.


Magnus Lindkvist

The World's leading Trendspotter from Sweden

As a writer, Magnus Lindkvist is driven by a relentless curiosity about our mental space, where the outside world collides with the human brain. He is a fantastic storyteller and with his politically incorrect humour he turns his performances into ``performances``.

Alpensymposium Conference for Politics, Business, Sport and the Arts, Interlaken, Switzerland

Dennis Lück

Entrepreneur, Advertiser of the Year, Columnist

Since 2010, the refreshingly ambitious creative has been making a name for himself in Switzerland. Today ennobled as ``Switzerland's most successful and creative advertiser``, he founded his own agency brinkertlück in 2021 with offices in Hamburg and Zurich and caused a sensation with the successful campaign for the SPD and Olaf Scholz, among others. The entrepreneur, keynote speaker, columnist and family man plays drums in a punk rock band in his spare time.

Alpensymposium Conference for Politics, Business, Sport and the Arts, Interlaken, Switzerland

Sylvie-Sophie Schindler

Philosopher, Journalist, Teacher

The philosopher, journalist and educator has recently made a name for herself with targeted statements. With eloquence, she keeps debates on the issues of our time alive. She inspired readers and listeners with profound reports in numerous publications. Whether the topic is climate activists, the accompaniment of highly talented people, psychoanalysis as a tool for understanding or the importance of philosophical counselling in companies, the Upper Bavarian Sylvie-Sophie Schindler has a seat on our stage as a committed personality.


Prof. Dr. Michaela Merk

THE expert for luxury and customer enthusiasm through emotional intelligence

``In the digital age, turn employees into brand ambassadors who inspire customers in the long term through emotional intelligence and excellence.`` According to Prof. Dr. Merk, digitalization requires more humanity. As a specialist in leadership, she fascinates with her in-depth knowledge, applied content and as a charismatically winning personality. She teaches at Audencia Business School and the University of St. Gallen. Among the stations of her work are L'Oréal, Chanel, Rolex, Four Seasons Hotels, Nespresso and many more.


Stefan Verra

The Body Language Expert from Austria

He is one of the most successful body language experts, inspiring over 100,000 people worldwide every year. His body language analyses are regularly published in the major media (ARD, Spiegel, ORF,...). The best-selling author is a guest lecturer at several universities, university clinics and will give you fascinating insights.


Benjamin Bargetzi

Neuroscience meets digitalisation.

Internationally sought-after expert for future-proof transformation strategies and the interfaces of digitization, change management, neuroscience and psychology. His work stations include Google and Amazon. He is the founder of the ``ACIT Global Future Institute`` and works as a cognitive scientist and psychologist.

Alpensymposium Conference for Politics, Business, Sport and the Arts, Interlaken, Switzerland

Jan Schoch

Tech Entrepreneur, Founder, Host

From financial prodigy to hotel owner - that could be his brief summary. Jan Schoch knows how to fly high and land hard as an entrepreneur in countless shades. What culminated in the stock market high-flyer Leonteq with 550 employees in 9 countries is now flourishing with a deep-seated entrepreneurial spirit in the tranquil and noble Hotel Bären in Gonten, Appenzell. He is also active in various companies. He will share with us what he has learned in his colourful career and how to regain stability in life.


Daniela Landherr

New Work: the new world of work

As a global executive in a multinational technology company, a lecturer in academia and a board member in corporations, Daniela Landherr brings extensive experience to new approaches and offers powerful tools to leaders.

Alpensymposium Conference for Politics, Business, Sport and the Arts, Interlaken, Switzerland

Dr. Liv Kraemer

Longevity Dermatologist, Skincare entrepreneur, Social media personality, Advisor

``Look good as naturally as possible - at any age `` that is her credo. She was a researcher in the field of genetics, stem cells and tissue engineering, has worked in Europe, the Arab Emirates, at Columbia University and the Charité in Berlin. Over 600,000 fans follow her on social media. She teaches, educates and also advises companies on the benefits of longevity. She is a successful entrepreneur.


Bernhard Heusler

Ein Team gewinnt . Immer.

Interkulturelles Management und Führung im digitalen Tsunami. Der ehemalige Präsident des FC Basels ist eine Persönlichkeit. Als Unternehmer, Wirtschaftsanwalt, Konsulent, Schiedsrichter und Stiftungspräsident kennt er die Herausforderungen in Führung, Unternehmensleitung und Transformationsbedürfnisse der Gegenwart. Er kennt die besondere Verbindung von sportlichem Erfolg und Unternehmertum.


Urs Kessler

CEO der Jungfraubahn Gruppe

Er ist seit 2008 Direktor der grössten Bergbahnunternehmung der Schweiz. Er ist Initiator und Vater des Generationenprojekts V-Bahn, das im Dezember 2020 eröffnet wurde. Seit er 1987 zu den Jungfraubahnen stiess, hat er die Marke «Jungfrau – Top of Europe» als weltweiten Top-Brand etabliert und u.a. ein Vertreternetz in Asien eingeführt. Zudem ist er Initiator von Events auf dem Jungfraujoch und des SnowpenAirs.


Marc Trauffer

Entrepreneur, Musician, Alpentainer

As an entrepreneur and musician, he is in the office from Monday to Friday as owner/managing director of Trauffer Switzerland and on the biggest stages in Switzerland on weekends. ``I ha müeh mit de Chüeh`` he sings; but in his childhood dream factory, the world-famous wooden cows with red spots are his best horse in the stable. ``Doing. Just do.`` is his motto - and he consistently puts it into practice himself.


Presenter - Florian Inhauser

Top presenter «Tagesschau Swiss Radio and TV» & journalist

The historian and English graduate has been anchoring ``Tagesschau`` on SRF since 2007, and the foreign magazine ``SRF global`` since 2015. As a special correspondent, he reported from various crisis, war and disaster areas.


Panel Host - Rahel Kindermann Leuthard

Pilot, expert in leadership and change management, CEO Zurich Airport Region Network

The graduate in business administration is an experienced manager, entrepreneur (www.clearedtoland.ch) and private pilot. With broad experience, she now leads the network of FRZ Airport Region Zurich as CEO and looks forward to a successful and future-oriented transformation of the organization.
For her change projects, she uses the ``True North Star concept`` she developed, which, among other things, focuses on the purpose and the common ``vantage point on the horizon`` as a community and/or company.